October 2018 Labor of Love Quilting Bee, HOPS Says…. Thank You


At this time, we thank NYPD Commissioner J. O’Neill, Deputy Commissioner R. Ganly, Assistant Commissioner M. Otero, Chief T. Monahan, Chief T. Burns, Lieutenant D. Lott, Detective T. Jones, and Detective F. Espinal, for allowing us to have the Labor of Love Quilting Bee at 1 Police Plaza.

Thank you to all NYPD staff that visited and supported our event.  An expression of appreciation to NYPD News and photography staff and NYPD Buildings and Grounds staff for enabling us to execute a successful and well-documented quilting bee.  Overall, NYPD staff is wonderful and we have the utmost respect for them.

We would also like to thank all of the quilters that volunteered to sew during this event. Sylvia and Miguel Hernandez and Thandine Wormly did an outstanding job with coordinating and cutting the fabric and quilts as well as helping others.  Your attentiveness was noticed and we are filled with gratitude.

Again, we express a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved, for your time, your work, hospitality, and professionalism during our event. —HOPS, Inc.

Patroman's Star 2018 for events.jpg

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