Blog: Retired Detective Dennis Murphy

A special thank you to Retired Detective Dennis Murphy. He has been extremely supportive of HOPS and has helped us get the Labor of Love Quilt Drive and Quilting Bee on Spectrum News: NY1. The photo is Det. Dennis Murphy (on right) with his wife and family members. They are the first to wear HOPS attire! Please let us know if you’re interested in purchasing any shirts.


Dennis Murphy

6 thoughts on “Blog: Retired Detective Dennis Murphy”

  1. Hello all I am Dennis an NYPD First Responder who was diagnosed in Apri ‘17 with certified 911 cancers that unfortunately continue to metastasize. Like your family members I accept my challenge and will fight and to overcome this dredful disease. Many have been diagnosed with Post 911 ailements including other City, State, Federal agencies, construction workers, utility workers, volunteers. Anyone that responded to the 911 aftermath should be enrolled in the WTC medical screening program and get annual screening. Take your work there serious and protect yourself and family. HOPS recognized by the NYPD is part of the NYPD fraternal organizations structure. I support HOPS 100%, they are a great support network for families affected.


    1. In memory of a true American hero, a donation has been made in honor of Dennis Patrick Murphy from his Paul Smith College friends and alumni.


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