On Monday, June 17, 2019, Helping our Post 9/11 Survivors non-profit organization held a forum at Antun’s , located in Queens Village, N.Y. for NYPD Officers that worked rescue and recovery, on and after the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks.

Forum Speakers

  • President of H.O.P.S. , Dolores Weiner
  • NYPD Deputy Commissioner, Bob Ganley
  • NYPD Director of 9/11 Outreach and Education, Jeannie Kelly
  • Retired NYPD Officer, LLP, Matthew J.McCauley
  • Retired NYPD Detective, H.O.P.S Educational Outreach Advocate, Daisy Ortiz
  • Retired NYPD Detective, H.O.P.S Educational Outreach Advocate, Dennis Murphy

Forum Key Points

  • Learn about NYPD Qualifications for Rescue and Recovery eligibility
  • Identify the 9/11 Related Illnesses approved by NYPD, the World Trade Center Health Monitoring Program, and the Victims Compensation Fund
  • Scheduling a meeting with an NYPD specialist to (a) file your paperwork prior to retirement (b) submit information to NYPD Pension Office, and (c) identify what must be done to be evaluated by the World Trade Center Monitoring Program, (d) identify Mental Health Concerns and Post 9/11 Experiences, and (e) discuss how to schedule a meeting with someone from the Social Security Disability Office
  • Notice: Victims Compensation Fund has been extended until December 18, 2090

Serving active and retired N.Y.P.D Officers [that worked on and after the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks], and their families.

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