Blog: Retired Detective Dennis Murphy

A special thank you to Retired Detective Dennis Murphy. He has been extremely supportive of HOPS and has helped us get the Labor of Love Quilt Drive and Quilting Bee on Spectrum News: NY1. The photo is Det. Dennis Murphy (on right) with his wife and family members. They are the first to wear HOPS attire! Please let us know if you’re interested in purchasing any shirts.


Dennis Murphy

October 2018 Labor of Love Quilting Bee, HOPS Says…. Thank You


At this time, we thank NYPD Commissioner J. O’Neill, Deputy Commissioner R. Ganly, Assistant Commissioner M. Otero, Chief T. Monahan, Chief T. Burns, Lieutenant D. Lott, Detective T. Jones, and Detective F. Espinal, for allowing us to have the Labor of Love Quilting Bee at 1 Police Plaza.

Thank you to all NYPD staff that visited and supported our event.  An expression of appreciation to NYPD News and photography staff and NYPD Buildings and Grounds staff for enabling us to execute a successful and well-documented quilting bee.  Overall, NYPD staff is wonderful and we have the utmost respect for them.

We would also like to thank all of the quilters that volunteered to sew during this event. Sylvia and Miguel Hernandez and Thandine Wormly did an outstanding job with coordinating and cutting the fabric and quilts as well as helping others.  Your attentiveness was noticed and we are filled with gratitude.

Again, we express a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved, for your time, your work, hospitality, and professionalism during our event. —HOPS, Inc.

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Blog: Labor of Love Quilting Bee October 2018

Photo Courtesy of NYPD, Commissioner James P. O’Neill at the October 2018 Labor of Love Quilting Bee.

On Monday, October 22, 2018, was our second Labor of Love Quilting Bee located at 1 Police Plaza.  More than 60 quilters attended to help and sew charity quilts for our survivor families.  Women and men from Empire Quilters Guild, Quilters of Color Network, Quilting Queens Guild, Brooklyn Quilters Guild, and quilters from the NYC United Federation of Retired Teachers gathered and hand-sewed patchwork blocks.  Collectively all attendees lived within the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island and New York State. The atmosphere was comfortable and full of excitement. Not only did these quilters sew blocks but some also brought completed charity quilts.  Commissioner O’Neill also provided a beautiful lunch for the families and quilters.

Commissioner James P. O’Neill greeted us and presented the following 12 families with quilts that were made by women in New York City and throughout the United States.

  • Deputy Chief James Molloy
  • Assistant Chief Michael Quinn
  • Sergeant Alex Baez
  • Sergeant Edward Thompson
  • Police Officer James Godbee
  • Detective Roberto Rivera
  • Detective Luis Fernandez
  • Detective William Holfester
  • Police Officer Gary Mausberg
  • Police Officer Robert Nicosia

The families were grateful and overjoyed. You actually heard the families say “ouuuuu” when the quilt was presented to them, which was priceless.  The quilts provided some solace as they continue to deal with the absence of their loved ones.

Photo Courtesy of NYPD, Commissioner James P. O’Neill at the October 2018 Labor of Love Quilting Bee, presenting a family with the Patrolman’s Star Quilt.

During the event, we also showcased our Patrolman’s Star quilt.  The quilt pattern was created by Rochelle Holland in loving memory of her father Richard Holland and dedicated to all of the NYPD officers that worked rescue and recovery on and after the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks. Please see the Star above. If anyone is interested in making the Patrolman’s Star and donating the finished quilt to our organization, please email us at and request a free PDF pattern. Women throughout the United States have sewn beautiful renditions of this quilt pattern and we have photos of them on our FB page.   Also, check out our gallery of photos from the event on this website.

During the Quilting Bee, the quilters were able to complete 15 quilt-tops.  Spectrum News: NY1, and CBS also interviewed the founders of the organization, Dolores Weiner, Diane Pryor-Holland and Bertha Merriweather about our efforts to serve these families. Social media news clips are on our Facebook page.  Please check them out and like our FB page! Also, NYPD News wrote an article about our event, please click on or copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Our next Labor of Love Quilting Bee is scheduled for March 2019 and we are super excited about it!

Serving active and retired N.Y.P.D Officers [that worked on and after the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks], and their families.